Alvita Tea App

Tea is not known for being an exciting product. This new app was created to change that perception and breathe some excitement into the brand. It aims to educate a younger generation as well as long time tea enthusiasts on the healthy benefits of tea and versatility of our teas. It also presents the tea as not just a beverage but an essential part of an overall healthy lifestyle. We also showcase a catalog of recipes to open up fresh new ways for using our teas to flavor your favorite foods.

One of the key features of Alvita tea is the exact steep times for each tea that help you to get the maximum benefit and flavor from the tea. It's  for this reason we have built a steep timer into the app along with the pour size exact water temperature. It is this kind of attention to detail that that goes into the craftsmanship of all of their teas.  Another key feature of the app is the Tea-Totaler that tracks your tea totals allowing you to visualize the teas you have been drinking and know the impact on your wellbeing.


Client: Twinlab
Agency: In-house
Creative Role: Creative Direction
, Designer.
Year: 2016